$50,000 donated for OCEAN CLEAN UP and other environmental programs. Many thanks to our customers and all shops who carry our lines!

This milestone donation was achieved directly through purchases of Life At Sea products – a portion of the proceeds will continue to support clean waters and oceans for our planet. Our next goal – to reach $100,000!

Between toxic spills, leaks, runoff, and litter, there are many ways our waters are polluted. Regardless of where the primary causes lie, we will always need effective cleanup. So we decided to give a portion of our proceeds to forward effective water clean up technologies and their implementation.

Life At Sea has joined forces with The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, which works rigorously to implement effective water cleanup solutions for chemical and industrial spills. The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s educational materials are being used globally to inform industry and environmental protection and health officials about effective spill clean up. We are proud to work with this incredible group.